Simon Howie in filed with accordian
The 20 20 sound


Track list

The Rhodesian Regiment (GS MacLennan)
79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar (PM J MacDonald)
Karen Howie of Findony (Ron Kerr)
Willies G’an a Courtin (G. Drysdale)
I Loe Nae a Laddie but Ane (Trad)
The Craws o’ Currie (Neil Barron)
Wee Man from North Connell (Calum MacLean)
The Craic at Clashmore Hall (Phil Cunningham)
Captain Carswell (PM Willie Lawrie)
Brian Bell (George Bell)
Dr Bob Smith (Stan Hamilton)
Willie Taylor’s Fiddle (Lel Robertson)
The Blackberry Bush (Trad)
The Turnpike (Trad)
Leaving Lismore (Mrs Martin Hardie)
The Eternal Surge of the Sea (Donald McIver)
Fascadale (Iain Peterson)
The Hills of Kowloon (PM A. Mackintosh)
The Queen’s Welcome to Duart Castle (Maclean)
Lights of Lochindaal (Iain Simpson)
Here’s tae a Gordon (R Wilson + A. Garden)
The Royal Mile (Ian Gourlay + K. McKellar)
Cairnie Mount (Trad)
Itchy Fingers (Major Rab Pinkman)
The Osprey (Frank Reid)
Sandy’s New Chanter (PM Tom MacAllister Junior)
Joe McDiarmid’s Jig (Rob Loch)
MacLeods of Mishnish (Ian Holmes)
Fergie’s Jig (Jim Johnstone)
Isobel T. Bell (George Bell)
John MacFadyen of Melfort (PM John MacCall)
Torbeag (Gordon Patullo)
O’Kane’s March (Brian O’Kane)
Oonie’s March (Graeme Mitchell)
Pat McLaren (PM W. Ross)
Jeannie Black (Duncan MacMillan)
The Dawn Hornpipe (Trad)
Bobby Colgan (Jim Johnstone)
Da Kirks (Margaret Robertson)
The Doon Hingin Tie (Iain Peterson)
Glenmore (Hugh Melvin)
The Jimmy Burgess Two Step (Iain Macphail)

Track list

Seamus MacNeil (Bobby Macleod), 7th and 8th KOSB's March to the Somme (Halliday)
The Duran Ranger, The Borestone, Chris Worrell, John Murray Of Lochee
Jackson's Bottle of Claret / Christie Macleod / Malcom Ross / Donald Iain Rankine
The Lochaber Gathering, The 91st at Modder River
Leveneep Head, Jessie Stuart's Welcome in Dufftown, D. Ridley's Compliments to Jim Halcrow, Lynn's Reel
Jim MacLeod's Visit to Balmoral, Barbara Bane of New Deer, The Carnival March
The Regiment
March: Edgefauld House, Strathspey: The Highland President, Reel: Ian Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet
John McColl's Farewell to the Scottish Horse, PM Donald McLean of Lewis
Calum Beag, Queen of the South Polka
The Ferry, The Cornerhouse Jig, Balcomie House, The Dandy Dancer
The Dark Island, Margaret's Waltz
The Brig o' Blair, Sir Thomas Wardle of Western Australia, Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering
The Shianbank Two-Step
Millbrae, The Barmaid, Dunaskin Glen, John Pottinger's Compliments to the Late Ronnie Cooper
The Simon Howie Scottish Dance band The 20 20 sound

This is Simon’s fourth commercial album. The 1989 release was a vinyl, then he had CDs released in 1996 and 2006.

The band was formed by Simon Howie and his brother Angus, back in the early 1980s. As young teenagers they ran around the countryside playing at any event that would have them. While they learned their trade as young musicians, the standard of the band members who joined them improved greatly and this helped their skills, not only as musicians, but in the craft of entertaining the paying customers and making better music.

This album is full of all the things that Simon loves to hear in a Scottish dance band; a strong and assertive melody line with a solid back-line rhythm section. He is quick to say that the band sound comes from a foundation of friendship and camaraderie which has been built up with the same guys over the past 30 years. Robert and Duncan Black, Alison Smith, David Scott and Neil Macmillan are all household names in the Scottish music scene and need no introduction.

Simon is a Perthshire famer's son and the love of all things agricultural was a source of inspiration to him in the same way that it was for many of his musical heroes. People like Ian Powrie and Jimmy Blue, legends of the 1960s and 70s, all trace their roots back to working the land. Simon’s dad, Angus snr, was a great music lover and this percolated down to his sons due to his musical pals being regular visitors to the family farm in Dunning.

This album is a mark in the sand for Simon, but it is the culmination of 40 years of inspiration from the very best musicians in Scotland.

Simon Howie
Simon Howie
The 20 20 sound

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